Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mother & Daughter, Side-by-side.

All shes got is you.

If you left this world,
She wouldn't know how to will she cope?
You've taught her everything she needs to know, how life is and how rough it may be..
But without you beside her..
She'll feel lost,
She'll feel scared,
She'll feel...dead.
You haven't taught her how to survive....without you.

Mother & Daugher,
learning everything and sharing every memory together,
The fun times, sad times, hard times.
She looks up to you, she loves your company...she loves you.
As soon as she hears your voice or sees you, you lighten up her day and put a smile on her face.

There are times they have fights and disagree with the things they've been discussing.
Her daughter, walking away angry and not saying goodnight or i love you...hurts both of them.
They may not show it...but they walk away hurting inside and with discomfort.
Days of fighting caused by a family member...
Hurts them both, as the daughter dislikes her father and disagrees with everything he says.
She doesn't understand why her mother still loves him, after everything thats happend in their lives.
She doesn't understand why her father treats her differently.
Her mother is all she has left.

Mother & Daughter,
What will she do without you.
You're all shes got.
Don't leave...fight to live on.
She doesn't want to be selfish and see you suffer.
But she doesn't want to lose you.
You taught her everything. Shared great memories..
Gone clubbing together,
Gotten drunk together,
Cooked together,
Laughed & cried together,
Took posing photos together,
Sung together while driving,
Shopped together,
Danced together..
Many memories shared and will be remembered.

Mother & Daughter,
Our memory together will live on..
No matter where you are...your with me.
Forever remembering your words of advice.
Forever loving you..

Forever Mother & Daughter.