Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The begining of my love...my dream come true =)

I'm a dreamer and Dream I can..

From the moment i saw you...

I see you looking at me,
and i just smile and looked away.
We laugh and muck around,
and we're back to looking into each others eyes.
I smile and you look away.
I keep looking at you till you look straight into my eyes again

And from that moment on, all my thoughts of wanting to be single, had changed...
And all that went through my head was...

"She's that Girl..."

I wasn't searching,
I was..just minding my own business and having fun.

I pushed people away as I didn't want a relationship with no one..
But then...you came along.

We're similar in a way, but different in a way as well and I can't explain what's going through my head or what I'm actually feeling inside of me.

I said to myself that I didn't want to jump into a relationship...
But girl, the way you're making me feel is something i didn't think id feel again.
You make me smile and nervous every time we speak..
I have this big smile when I receive a text from you..
Looking into your eyes show me your a different girl and special..
Your lips...so beautifully shaped but I don't know how they feel as we haven't connected lips..
But one day we will and it'll be special because you're a special girl.

I have to admit, I miss you day and night and what I'm feeling, I didn't think I'd have that feeling again.
If you were ever to be my girl...
I'd look after you and show my love to you but, I won't say those three little words with the big meaning behind it.
I ain't ready for that, but only ready to have you as my girl.
Your beautiful smile keeps my day going well and until your gone...I miss you so much.
I want to hold you close in my arms and just look into your eyes.
I want to have you....because...I feel....you're that girl, I've been waiting for.