Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gotta try and mend everything in life.Never back down and give up on no one. Gonna do all you can to make things better and have Peace.
What Doesn't Kill You..Makes You Stronger.." Plus i just gotta try and keep a positive mind and always remember, "What Happens..Happens For A Reason" but to also remember "No Regrets.." ...Baby I think about us...of me loving you and you loving me and what we shared..
As we close our eyes, we get an insight of what we want to achieve or just want in life. The more hope and faith we have towards that aim, eventually we will succeed. Never give up. Keep your head held up high because things will get better and will happen if only you believe and have patience :)
"Open up to new things, take your chances, that's all u can do. The rest is in Gods hands."
We make certain choices in life. Some are Difficult & others are easy, but people sometimes make the easy choice so difficult & confusing. But then again to know/decide what you want, always tends to be a difficult choice. Just follow your heart/feeling/dreams. Give anything a go, its why we take risks. Because you never know, the greatest choice could be right there in front of you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We may have many dreams...but there's always just ONE Dream.
We might get many chances...but we should really deserve ONE Chance.
We may be lucky once...but we only have ONE life..