Monday, November 23, 2009

I always have this in mind...

I always think about this day and night...

The words.."I Love You"...
is a word i don't think i can ever say to someone...
as much i'd love to say it scares me.

I'm not affraid of commitment..
I'm not that affraid of getting hurt..
But im scared to say "I Love You"..

I might just say...
"Love you" or "Love ya"..
But only as in a friendly way.
If i say it to someone im falling for or seeing someone,
i'd say.. "Love You"

It would take a fair bit of time for me to come around and actually say the 3 little words...but its not that easy after you gave your heart out to someone and gave them pretty much your whole life in the past...Its still not that easy to just say those words.
Hope someday i'll find the right girl...and she'll be the one to hear those words :)

Love is strong...and a powerful word.
Never underestimate someday you'll experience it if you haven't yet.

God Bless. x

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