Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meaning something to someone

Meaning something to someone...Hmmm, I believe you don't have to be something or something your not to mean something.
Okay that was a lot of "something" But...why do you need to mean anything?
You mean so much to your friends and family, why do you have to mean something to a special someone. That comes later.
To mean something, you must be happy with yourself.
Being happy with yourself, makes you feel....Great!
Your friends love you for that and enjoy spending time with you, because you seem to be always happy. Then, this is where the special someone comes along.
You and your happiness, will attract many people's eyes. Sometimes you may have to be a little careful because some people may walk all over you, but if your smart and wise about it, you won't. But one day, eventually someone will walk into your life seeing this happiness you got going on and would want to get to know you and then they would want to share this happiness with you.
Now that's where great happiness comes from. That's why everyone that finds their special someone, never stop smiling because they always had happiness happening in their life before the special someone came along, but now they have arrived you can say you defiantly mean something to someone as you brought them great happiness.

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