Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hermanita Gatita

A dear sister i have and love.
Been through tough times
but have had great fun times.

How can i imagin life without her?

Its hard...
I've lost her once in the past.
It hurt me so much. What had happend was wrong..
But here you are, back in my life...
How? Why?
I do not know.
I believe God answered my prayers.
He sent you and lead you into my life.

Baby girl, i never want to lose you.
We've had our ups and downs...
but who doesn't?
You stuck by me, even when i don't want help..
you still stand by to give me advice and guide me...
but do i listen?
At that moment i read what you say...but i don't listen right away...
but...i later go back and think about what you said.
Your friendship, your love...means a lot to me.

I miss you everyday. I may not show it or sound like it...
but believe me mijita...i miss you every damn day!
Your my homegirl for life...mi hermanita.
Im gonna be there beside you no matter what.
No matter where i am...im always going to have you in my heart.
You are my life, forever and always will be mija :)

This may be the hardest thing to say or even show,
because i have been hurt many times...
but when it comes to you bebe i know i can say it...

I love you.

I do with all my heart and soul and i mean it.
Your my baby sister for life danii.
My sister for another mother hahaha.
I still love you as my own :)

Thank you Lord for sending me an angel.
I love you baby sister and never forget that.
God Bless and peace.

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  1. Thankyou so much hermanita. you mean the world to me! & honestly i dont know what i wod do without chu. and i need u to know that im sorry for the mistakes i made in the past but i guess we learnt from it n it made our friendship stronger, im always going to stick by your side. te quiero hermanita