Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Missing & Finding you..

I feel alone..
Why do i feel happy one moment, then the next i feel so down, just so lonely...
Where are you?

I miss seeing you smile..
I miss having your company..
I miss hugging you..
I miss kissing your lips..
I miss knowning and seeing how different you are from others..
I miss watching and hearing you play the guitar..
I miss the happy feeling i had inside when you were around..
I miss the smell of your drove me crazy everytime i could smell it.

That scent...the times i could smell it...
It would be stuck on my jumper or i could smell it on a friend...
But it's you who pops and stays in my head. Only you..
I can't stop thinking about you..

Is it bad?
Is it bad to miss you?
Is it wrong to think about you?
Is it all a crime..?
Missing you can't be a crime either..
I can't help what i feel inside..
It makes me feel happy and that there is hope.

We talked about how we felt...
We talked about where it was going..
I told you i'd wait...
Its been a while and i've been waiting...
But i haven't heard from you..
What has happened?
Have your feelings changed?
Are you pushing me away because your afraid?

I guess finding or falling for someone always ends up making you think and feel afraid...
But afraid of what exactly?
Afraid of getting hurt?
No matter what..
No matter how much you try to avoid getting hurt..
No matter what..
In the end you still do..

It takes time to find the right person..
It takes time to stay with them..
It takes time to move on..
Relationships take time..
But it tends to hurt you inside some way...
There's always going to be someone in mind...
Your always going to fall for someone you cannot have..
Or fall for someone you don't want to wait for...because you just want them to be yours..

It's life and we go through it all the time.
Everyone ends up finding someone..
I guess someday i will find the right person as people say i deserve...
I'll love and care for them just as they will...

Wherever she is...
Whoever she is...
I'll be waiting and i'll be ready for you..
As my heart is strong and full with love to be shared...

Lokiita Lissette is waiting for you.. <3

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