Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Societies Stupidity with finding "The One"..

I hate to go through all that process, of meeting girls, chatting them up, taking them on dates and pick one hoping something happens. In the end you gotta do it over and over, till you meet the right person.
It really gets annoying and its not in my nature to be going through every girl like that, I honestly hate it and it hurts me because they end up falling for you when you don't see them in the same way...Or they end up being a complete waste of time thus making you feel the need to be less attached to anybody in the future.

Seriously how unfair is that? Because I'm pretty sure majority of the population hates it as well.

I gotta say, the majority of girls go or settle for the fucking idiots of society and then cry when the guy ends up doing the obvious and either takes advantage of the girl or ends up fucking them over. And that's all pretty much true. Some people these days are silly and dumb to be going for the assholes out there and forget that there are actually people that will care and love them the way they have been looking for but NO, they just stick to them dickheads.

Like how simple is it to recognize what's best?
It ain't that hard especially considering what that person is willing and has shown to do for you! And then they choose us to be their best friend!?!

Seriously, how does that work???

(This goes for both Guys and Girls.)

Its like, Hello, Love of my life...I'm here to give you what you been looking for but NO, I have to watch you and see you go off with some dick head that's gonna treat you like shit. And till the day you open your eyes that it was me you should of been with from the start, its gonna be too late. Its either we have moved on from our feelings for you or found someone else that actually noticed us or actually realized we do have a better heart than all those dicks out there! It ends up coming down to that because people lack the tact and vision of what's in front of them.

Seriously people need to open their eyes and start realizing those that actually do have a heart and care for you. People really gotta be able to see that in those that care.
Like come on, is it that hard to see? Like if i can see it...then why can't everyone else!? Honestly, the majority of people really are ignorant in that sense and it's like a virus.

Everyone needs to wake up and smell the roses. There are so many awesome individuals out there, Not just Females, but Males as well, that actually care and want to love someone till the day they die. But we have to watch all these people getting treated like shit and they continue being with the fool. I honestly don't understand how people can do that to themselves, but really...Open your eyes and see...That we are here waiting for someone to actually notice out caring and loving hearts. We're the ones your looking for, we're your fairytale dream.

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